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Something thing which confuses me is that Turnbull and co are talking ‘batteries’, as if they have been proven to be useful and are already installed and working. In the media we have people including MP’s talking of these things in glowing tones as they did with Turbines – and where did that get us?
We don’t have proof, we have to wait and see what happens at Hornsdale (or is it Muskville), but those of us with some common sense know these things will not be the saviour the nincompoops seem to thing they already are. They’re once again swallowing the fast sales pitch – when will they learn?
Why even include them in terms of storage of energy thereby giving the greedy hostile wind maniacs a straw to cling too?
The announced changes today, I can’t yet think of as policy because there is still too much to be decided on and explained by the Government before it can be called a worthwhile policy, the titbits handed out today while a good thing are too little and lets hope it isn’t too little to late.
We need more action, we need to know we will have secure base-load supply at more than the measly amount predicted will be saved on energy bills, we need a complete overhaul of the system, a overhaul which will bring these energy suppliers to heal, making electricity truly affordable for everyone.
We need to see the RET abolished and an immediate stop to any more Wind energy being installed.
We need things to happen now not in 2 years time, we need to know that our future energy supplies are secure and affordable. How many people can wait another 2 years to get relief on the cost of their energy when they can’t afford it now.
We need changes secured so they cannot be overturned by a wimpy wailing Labor Party hunkering down with the green jelly mob, who spout environmental concerns all while supporting the destruction of the environment.
Action speaks louder than words and its time we saw some firm action from our Federal Government.

Sap may be concentrated via reverse osmosis. Only reverse osmosis and nano-filtration (ultra-osmosis) membranes are allowed. In the off-season, osmosis membranes shall be stored, in filtrate, in a hermetically sealed container and kept in a frost-free location. Sodium metabisulfite (SMBS) may be added to the filtrate to prevent mould growth. If SMBS is used, the membrane shall be rinsed before next use with a volume of water equal to the hourly capacity of the membrane [for example, 2728 L (600  gal. ) of water for a 2728 L/h (600  gal. /h) membrane]. Off-site storage of the membrane (for example, by the membrane supplier) shall be documented.

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Wind straw steroids

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