What is trendy

We carry designer maternity clothes from top designers as well as hard to find trendy boutique brands. We have searched long and hard to find a collection of truly hip maternity clothing. Pregnancy is such an amazing thing and should be celebrated! This is the time when all eyes are on you and you are constantly being photographed and attending baby showers. This is your time to shine! Dressing in stylish and cool maternity clothes will help you feel good about yourself and your changing body. Just because your body is changing doesn't mean your sense of style has to change as well.

La Siesta Trendy is the most recent member of the Elegance Hospitality group and is located on Nguyen Quang Bich Street that joins Phung Hung Street to the west of the old town. For our latest hotel we wanted to create something different and bring in an alternative look and feel compared to its former. The vision for La Siesta Trendy is to capture the present day, the edgy and buzzy feel of the city. Contemporary in design and stylishly modern in character, the incorporation of metal, glass and wood with modern steel greys and blue colors gives it a sleek contemporary dynamic feel.

What is trendy

what is trendy


what is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendywhat is trendy