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Patients requiring oral corticosteroids should be weaned slowly from systemic corticosteroid use after transferring to Advair HFA. Prednisone reduction can be accomplished by reducing the daily prednisone dose by mg on a weekly basis during therapy with Advair HFA. Lung function (mean forced expiratory volume in 1 second [FEV 1 ] or morning peak expiratory flow [AM PEF]), beta-agonist use, and asthma symptoms should be carefully monitored during withdrawal of oral corticosteroids. In addition, patients should be observed for signs and symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, such as fatigue, lassitude, weakness, nausea and vomiting, and hypotension.

Ashwin, this is said with mucho respecto.
It would be really fantastic if you would write a few more posts, or give more detailed information. Maybe you feel as if you already have, but it would help us all if you were a tiny bit more vocal and more specific about all this. Especially for those of us who do have an autoimmune disorder, and don’t always have the attention span to understand it very well, or read between the lines. Most like me have probably read a million bits of information and at times need something very concrete and doable. Clearly you were trying to bring attention to some of this, but perhaps it was said in a fairly quiet voice.

Any number of additive trials can be performed. Some additives have specific effects to watch out for – such as ribonucleotides (E627, E631, E635) which tend to cause rashes (“ribo rash”), or aspartame (E951) which tends to have MSG-like effects and cause depression. Additives not on the problem list are less likely to be problematic, however some other additives not in this list have been shown to have adverse effects on people. Splenda (sucralose, E955) can cause rashes especially in the chlorine sensitive, and sugar alcohols or polyols (E420, E421, E953, E965-E968, E1100) tend to cause digestive distress.

Test propionate brands

test propionate brands


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