Test prop vs suspension

The M550i xDrive is one helluva fun car for blasting around hilly, twisty Bavarian back roads. Yes, it’s a less extreme performer than the M5, but what, maybe 17 percent less extreme? That’s a deal worth considering, given the expected 25 percent base-price reduction. And OK, if you equalize the equipment as much as possible by optioning up your M550i with the Dynamic Handling package ($3,600), the 20-inch M double-spoke wheels ($950), and the head-up display (sold in a $1,700 driver-assistance package), that discount drops to 19 percent. It’s still well worth considering—especially because you can get it now instead of waiting until next March.

It’s like someone shrank it into a little Miata and then turned it into a dune buggy! This is Brian Ballinger and Chris Smiths’s build for the next Gambler 500. Before we get into how great this is, lets get one thing out of the way. This is my least favorite Corvette model. It’s the one Barbie drove. It’s the Corvette most likely to enjoy the latest Michael Bolton album with its owner. Yet Brian turned it into heavy metal. You see this pull up and you pray he’s not here to pick up your daughter. No way Barbie would drive this. This is awesome.

Test prop vs suspension

test prop vs suspension


test prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspensiontest prop vs suspension