Test prop log

A box office disappointment upon its initial release, the film is now hailed as a visionary and highly influential film to this day (the producers of the Battlestar Galactica reboot openly acknowledged the influence of the film by calling the organic Cylons "skinjobs" and even modeling the Colonial service pistols after Deckard's service weapon, as well as using the COP 357 Derringer in one episode). After years of controversy, Scott released his final version of the film in 2007 as Blade Runner: The Final Cut in a 5-disc set that included the original theatrical cut as well the three other versions of the film that have been released at various times, plus the work print and a plethora of extras and commentaries.

A handy tool for this project is the drying rack for the eyes. I made mine from two 4″ pieces of wire coat hanger and a small flat piece of scrap wood. Just drill two appropriately sized holes in the wood, cut two straight pieces of wire coat hanger and insert them in the holes. You will need to make sure that the drill bit is the same diameter as the coat hanger to ensure a tight fit. For the record, I used a thin wire hanger and a 47 gauge (″) drill bit. This will allow you work around the eyes completely without getting your fingers in the paint, and to set them aside to dry on your work surface. 

Test prop log

test prop log


test prop logtest prop logtest prop logtest prop logtest prop log