Phenazone ( INN and BAN ; also known as phenazon , antipyrine ( USAN ), or analgesine ) is an analgesic , a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) and an antipyretic . It was first synthesized by Ludwig Knorr in 1887. [1] [2] :26–27 Phenazone is synthesized [3] by condensation of phenylhydrazine and ethyl acetoacetate under basic conditions and methylation of the resulting intermediate compound 1-phenyl-3-methylpyrazolone [4] with dimethyl sulfate or methyl iodide . It crystallizes in needles which melt at 156 °C. Potassium permanganate oxidizes it to pyridazine tetracarboxylic acid. Phenazone has an elimination half life of about 12 hours. [5] Indication: Used to relieve pain and fever. Antipyrine is often used in testing the effects of other drugs or diseases on drug-metabolizing enzymes in the liver. [6]

  • Targa Super is selective, systemic herbicide of Aryloxyphenoxy-propionates group.
  • Targa Super is used to control narrow leaf weeds in broad leaf crops.
  • Targa Super effectively controls the narrow leaf weeds like Echinochloa spp., Goose grass, fox tail, Cynodon (doob), Large crab grass, Saccharum sp. (kans), Hemarthria sp. (suttu), Wild sorghum, Volunteer paddy, Volunteer maize, Volunteer pearl millet, etc.
  • Targa Super is very quickly absorbed by the weeds and translocated and kill the weeds. The affected weeds are unable to regenerate.
  • Targa Super is quickly absorbed by the weeds, hence rain even one hour after spray does not affect its effectiveness.
  • Weed leaves turn purplish / red within 5-8 days after Targa Super application and within 10-15 days are completely killed.
The recommendation of Agro-chemicals is based on the researches conducted/published work by the State Agricultural Universities / ICAR Research Institutes of the country and abroad.

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