Propionate b12

Drenching: Oral drenching with an aqueous solution containing copper sulphate is useful in primary copper deficiency only. Copper sulphate may be mixed with levamisole-based and oxfendbendazole anthelmintic drenches, and should be used within 24 hours. Copper is not compatible with many other drenches. With primary copper deficiency, a single oral treatment is adequate for 1-4 weeks. However for copper deficiency due to excess molybdenum, weekly treatments may be required, making form of treatment generally impractical. Copper-containing salt licks may be used where individual animal treatment is impractical.

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Ideal for the growth and conditioning of the Betta fish. This food is a totally new concept and cannot be compared with any existing pellet food. Bettas love it! This food is intended for use by Betta breeders from the serious hobbyist to professional. It is safer, more reliable and cheaper than live food and is of course easier to store and handle. We advise the use of Betta PRO if you want to condition Betta (before breeding or competing in a show) or for sustained growth. A stable diet for fry from the start of the second month up to the seventh month. Bettas love this food and prefer it to frozen or freeze dried foods. Feed up to 7 pellets twice per day, depending on the size of the Betta and the water temperature. Place the pellets gently on the water surface.

Propionate b12

propionate b12


propionate b12propionate b12propionate b12propionate b12propionate b12